Yelsemia J. Walker


Yelsemia arthropodii J. Walker on Arthropodium minus R.Br.


Sori in host tissues, swollen, bursting at maturity exposing a black powdery mass of spores. Columella and sterile cells are lacking.

Spores solitary, dark pigmented (brown) without violet tints, each spore with 2 pale polar caps.

Spore germination occuring through the polar caps, resulting in holobasidia on which apically several hyaline septate broadly fusiform basidiospores are produced apically, these giving rise to hyphae.

Host-parasite interaction by haustoria.

Septal pore simple, with membrane caps, lacking inner plates.


A genus of four species, three of which occur in Australia. The four species of Yelsemia parasitise hosts in four plant families, viz. Anthericaceae, Byblidaceae, Campanulaceae and Droseraceae.

Species in Australia
Yelsemia arthropodii
Yelsemia droserae
Yelsemia lowrieana

Key based on host taxonomy
On ArthropodiumYelsemia arthropodii
On ByblisYelsemia lowrieana
On DroseraYelsemia droserae