Ustanciosporium Vánky


Ustanciosporium rhynchosporae Vánky on Rhynchospora rugosa (Vahl) S.Gale


Gymnocintractia M. Piepenbr.


Sori in the spikelets of Cyperaceae surrounding the tip of the axis of sterile spikelets, without sterile fungal stroma and peridium, filling the spikelets with a black initially agglutinated, later powdery mass of spores.

Spores solitary or in balls, pigmented (reddish brown), slightly flattened, often with a hyaline appendage; spore wall uniformly thick, foveolate.

Spore germination resulting in phragmobasidia whose basidial cells form basidiospores or conjugate.

Host-parasite interaction by intracellular hyphae, coated by an electron-opaque matrix.

Septa poreless at maturity.


Ustanciosporium contains about 23 species, one of which has been found in Australia.

Species in Australia
Ustanciosporium appendiculatum
Ustanciosporium kuwanoanum

Key based on host taxonomy
On Cyperaceae 1
1.  On CyperusUstanciosporium kuwanoanum
On RhynchosporaUstanciosporium appendiculatum
On ScirpusUstanciosporium kuwanoanum