Triodiomyces McTaggart & R.G. Shivas


Triodiomyces altilis (Syd.) McTaggart & R.G. Shivas on Triodia sp.


Infecting hosts of Triodia.

Sori in culms or inflorescence. Columella, spore balls and sterile cells absent.

Species in Australia
Triodiomyces altilis
Triodiomyces inaltilis
Triodiomyces lituanus
Triodiomyces lunatus
Triodiomyces triodiae

Key based on host taxonomy
On Triodia1
1.  Sori as blister-like swellings on stem, inflorescence abortedTriodiomyces inaltilis
Sori not as above2
2.  Spores lighter on one sideTriodiomyces lunatus
Spores not lighter on one side3
3.  Spores 6-8 µm longTriodiomyces lituanus
Spores longer4
4.  Sori in the floral stem and inflorescence. Spores (8–) 9–12 µm longTriodiomyces triodiae
Sori short, thick. No trace of inflorescence. Spores 7–12 µm longTriodiomyces altilis