Trichocintractia M. Piepenbr.


Trichocintractia utriculicola (Henn.) M. Piepenbr. on Rhynchospora gigantea Link


Sori develop in scattered spikelets of Cyperaceae transforming the top of the rachillae into globose soral bases just before floral differentiation. Spore mass dusty, contained within a sac, formed by a persistent thick peridium of globose fungal cells. From the soral base, groups of long smooth sterile cells with thick walls radiate into the spore mass. Between sterile cells, globose groups of teliospores develop.

Spores globose, simple, pigmented, covered by an ornamentation that is loosely connected to the exosporium.

Sterile cells developing in groups from the base of sori, long, smooth, with thick walls.

Spore germination resulting in phragmobasidia producing basidiospores or hyphae.

Host-parasite interaction by intracellular hyphae, coated by an electron-opaque matrix.

Septa poreless at maturity.


Trichocintractia is a monotypic cosmopolitan genus.

Species in Australia
Trichocintractia utriculicola