Shivasia Vánky, M. Lutz & M. Piątek


Ustilago solida Berk. on Chaetospora imberbis Penquite (= Schoenus apogon Roem. & Schult.)


Sori in the flowers of Schoenus (Cyperaceae) forming hard, globoid, black bodies composed of spore balls and spores on the surface of innermost floral organs developed in sporogenous hyphae within U-shaped pockets, at first covered by a fungal peridium.

Spore balls few to many spored, composed of spores only, enclosed by a subhyaline mucilaginous layer.

Spores pigmented (brown).

Sterile cells absent.

Species in Australia
Shivasia solida

Key based on host taxonomy
On SchoenusShivasia solida