Rhamphospora D.D.Cunn.


Rhamphospora nymphaeae D.D.Cunn.


Sori forming spots in leaves and stems of aquatic plants.

Spores embedded in the host tissue, solitary, pale, usually lemon-shaped with a papilla at one end and a short hyphal appendage at the opposite end, produced subterminally on branches of sporogenous hyphae.

Spore germination resulting in aseptate basidia on which 4–6 apical basidiospores are produced.

Basidiospores giving rise to secondary and tertiary fusiform sporidia perpendicular to the long axis of the basidiospores.

Host-parasite interaction by complex interaction apparatus with cytoplasmic portions.

Hyphae intercellular, septate, with clamp connections, binucleate, with intracellular ramified haustoria.

Septal pore simple, with 2 membrane caps.

Species in Australia
Rhamphospora nymphaeae