Pseudotracya Vánky


Pseudotracya otteliae Vánky on Ottelia ovalifolia (R.Br.) Rich.


Sori forming spots in vegetative parts of aquatic plants.

Spore balls embedded in the host tissue, visible as minute brown dots composed of a cortex of fertile spores and a central mass of sterile parenchymatous fungal tissue; external layer of sterile cells lacking.

Host-parasite interaction by complex interaction apparatus with cytoplasmic portions; haustoria absent.

Septal pore simple, with 2 membrane caps.


The monotypic Pseudotracya has only been found in Australia. It differs from Tracya Syd. & P.Syd. in the structure of the spore balls. In the former spore balls are filled with a parenchymatous fungal tissue, whereas in Tracya they have a network of hardened branched septate hyphae.

Species in Australia
Pseudotracya otteliae