Moreaua T.N. Liou & H.C. Cheng


Moreaua kungii T.N. Liou & H.C. Cheng on Carex sp.


Sori naked on the surface of inner floral organs of Cyperaceae, a black granular-powdery mass of spore balls. Columella, peridium and sterile cells lacking.

Spore balls composed of rather firmly cohering spores.

Spores usually wedge-shaped, reddish or blackish brown; wall thick on the free surface.

Spore germination resulting in 4-celled phragmobasidia with sessile basidiospores.

Host-parasite interaction by intracellular hyphae coated by an electron-opaque matrix.

Septa poreless at maturity.


Moreaua includes 31 species, mostly known from the Southern Hemishpere. Twenty-one species occur in Australia; 18 endemic.

Species in Australia
Moreaua actinoschoeni
Moreaua arthrostylidis
Moreaua caustidis
Moreaua chrysitricis
Moreaua cyathochaetae
Moreaua elongata
Moreaua evandrae
Moreaua fimbristylidis
Moreaua gahniae
Moreaua gigaglomerulosa
Moreaua gymnoschoeni
Moreaua laevigata
Moreaua lepidospermatis
Moreaua littoralis
Moreaua megaglomerulosa
Moreaua melanospora
Moreaua mesomelaenae
Moreaua muelleriana
Moreaua opaca
Moreaua peckii
Moreaua rodwayi
Moreaua schoeni
Moreaua tetrariae
Moreaua tricostulariae

Key based on host taxonomy
On ActinoschoenusMoreaua actinoschoeni
On ArthrostylisMoreaua arthrostylidis
On Baumea1
1.  Spore balls permanent. Spore wall 3-6(-8) µm thickMoreaua littoralis
Spore balls easily disintegrate. Spore wall 1-1.5 µm thickMoreaua elongata
On CaustisMoreaua caustidis
On ChrysitrixMoreaua chrysitricis
On CyatochaetaMoreaua cyatochaetae
On EvandraMoreaua evandrae
On FimbristylisMoreaua fimbristylidis
On Ghania1
1.  Spores tightly agglomerated, spore wall 2-4 µm thickMoreaua muelleriana
Spores loosely agglomerated, spore wall 1-1.5 µm thickMoreaua gahniae
On GymnoschoenusMoreaua gymnoschoeni
On Lepidosperma1
1.  Spore balls 25-60 µm long, without germ poreMoreaua lepidospermatis
Spore balls larger, with germ pore2
2.  Spore balls 35-110 µm long, spores finely verruculoseMoreaua rodwayi
Spore balls larger, spores densely verruculose3
3.  Spore balls blackish brown, opaque. Spores 12-28 µm longMoreaua megaglomerulosa
Spore balls dark reddish brown. Spores 13-32(-36) µm longMoreaua gigaglomerulosa
On Mesomelaena1
1.  Spore balls composed of (3-)10-40(-80 or more) sporesMoreaua mesomelaenae
Spore balls composed of 40-140 (or more) sporesMoreaua melanospora
On Schoenus1
1.  Spore balls separate under pressure; free spore wall 4-9 µm thick Moreaua peckii
Spore balls firmly agglutinated; free spore wall thinner 2
2.  Spore balls 50-85 µm long, spores 12- 25 µm longMoreaua laevigata
Spore balls 60-150 µm long, spores 12-35 µm longMoreaua schoeni
On Tetraria1
1.  Spore balls 25-55(-60) µm long, blackish brown, opaqueMoreaua opaca
Spore balls 35-90(-105) µm long, dark reddish brownMoreaua tetrariae
On TricostulariaMoreaua tricostulariae