Leucocintractia M. Piepenbr., Begerow & Oberw.


Leucocintractia scleriae (DC.) M. Piepenbr., Begerow & Oberw. on Scleria sp.


Sori around all the pedunculi of an inflorescence or around internodes of the stem (systemic infection). Young sori covered by a thick, conspicuously white peridia. Sori with sterile stroma forming sporogenous pockets. Teliospore mass agglutinated, superficially powdery, dark. Teliospores single, flattened, without appendages, covered by irregular, rough warts forming ridges at the sides of the spores (Piepenbring et al., 1999).

Host-parasite interaction by intracellular hyphae coated by an electron-opaque matrix.

Septa poreless at maturity.


Leucocintractia contains four species, one of which has been found in Australia. It occurs worldwide, mostly in the tropics and subtropics, and appears to be restricted to host plants in the genus Rhynchospora (Cyperaceae).

Species in Australia
Leucocintractia scleriae