Jamesdicksonia Thirum., Pavgi & Payak


Jamesdicksonia obesa (Syd. & P. Syd.) Thirum., Pavgi & Payak on Andropogon annulatus Forssk.


Sori in the leaves and stems of Poaceae and Cyperaceae as black spots or crusts.

Spores solitary or in groups but not agglutinated in balls, olive-brown, embedded in the host tissue or erumpent but not powdery, or occurring on the surface of the host plants and powdery.

Spore germination producing holobasidia with ballistic basidiospores or secondary ballistospores.

Host-parasite interaction apparatus and septal pore lacking.


Jamesdicksonia contains 16 species, three of which are known from Australia. The genus has been emended several times broadening its concept (Raghunath, 1969; Walker & Shivas, 1998; Bauer et al., 2001).

Species in Australia
Jamesdicksonia brizae
Jamesdicksonia brunkii
Jamesdicksonia dactylidis

Key based on host taxonomy

On BrizaJamesdicksonia brizae
On CynosurusJamesdicksonia dactylidis
On DactylisJamesdicksonia dactylidis
On DichanthiumJamesdicksonia brunkii