Heterotolyposporium Vánky


Heterotolyposporium lepidospermatis Vánky on Lepidosperma ensiforme (Rodway) D.I.Morris


Sori in various organs of the host plants in Cyperaceae and Juncaceae, forming naked spore masses consisting of 2 types of spores: thick-walled pigmented spores, usually agglutinated in spore balls, and solitary colourless thin-walled spores dispersed between the spore balls.

Peridium, columella and sterile cells absent between the spore balls and spores.

Germination of both types of spores resulting in phragmobasidia.

Host-parasite interaction by intracellular hyphae coated by an electron-opaque matrix.

Septa lacking pores at maturity.


Heterotolyposporium includes two species, both of which occur in Australia.

Species in Australia
Heterotolyposporium lepidospermatis
Heterotolyposporium piluliforme

Key based on host taxonomy
On JuncusHeterotolyposporium piluliforme
On LepidospermaHeterotolyposporium lepidospermatis