Fulvisporium Vánky


Fulvisporium restifaciens (D.E. Shaw) Vánky on Stipa aristiglumis F. Muell.


Sori in vegetative tissues of Poaceae.

Spore balls produced intercellularly, permanent, weakly pigmented (pale golden yellow). Peridium, columella and groups of sterile cells between the spore balls lacking.

Spore germination of Ustilago-type.

Host-parasite interaction by intercellular hyphae lacking interactions with deposits of specific fungal vesicles.

Septal pores simple, lacking caps.


Fulvisporium is monotypic and apparently endemic to Australia. Molecular and ultrastructural studies place it in the order Microbotryales of the class Urediniomycetes (Vánky, 2001).

Species in Australia
Fulvisporium restifaciens