Erratomyces M. Piepenbr. & R. Bauer


Erratomyces patelii (Pavgi & Thirum.) M. Piepenbr. & R. Bauer


Sori Entyloma-like, dark spots on leaves of Fabaceae.

Spores solitary, brown, embedded in the host tissue, scattered in the intercellular spaces.

Spore germination of Tilletia-type, with holobasidia apically carrying needle-shaped basidiospores.

Host-parasite interaction by intercellular hyphae; interaction apparatus lacking.

Septal pore a dolipore traversed by 2 membranous plates; pore caps lacking. Growth in culture producing hyphae and ballistospores.


Erratomyces contains five species, all of which occur on legumes (Vánky, 2002). One species has been reported from Australia.

Species in Australia
Erratomyces thirumalacharii