Entylomaster Vánky & R.G. Shivas


Entylomaster typhonii Vánky & R.G. Shivas on Typhonium brownii Schott


Sori on hosts in the Araceae, forming leaf spots containing spores agglutinated in irregular balls, embedded in the host tissue.

Spore balls composed of spores only, without a fungal cortex or sterile cells.

Spores yellow, pale yellowish brown or orange-yellow, without blackish or reddish brown tints, produced on the tips of sporogenous hyphae.

Hyphae intercellular.

Septal pore simple, enclosed by 2 membrane caps.

Host-parasite interaction by complex interaction apparatus with cytoplasmic portions; haustoria absent.


Entylomaster was established for smut fungi with yellow to yellowish brown spores aggregated into spore balls that are embedded in leaves and petioles of Araceae (Vánky & Shivas, 2006). It includes two species, E. typhonii and E. dietelianus (Bubák) Vánky & R.G.Shivas, both known only from their type collections. The latter occurs on Ambrosina bassii L. in Italy.

Species in Australia
Entylomaster typhonii