Doassansiopsis (Setch.) Diet.


Doassansiopsis deformans (Setch.) Diet.


Sori in leaves, petioles, stems or ovaries of aquatic or paludal plants as spots or swellings.

Spore balls embedded in the host tissue, persistent, composed of a central mass of sterile parenchymatous fungal cells surrounded by firmly adhering colourless spores and an external cortex of sterile cells.

Spore germination of Tilletia-type.

Host-parasite interaction by haustoria.

Septal pore simple, with membrane caps and 2 non-membraneous plates closing the pore.


A cosmopolitan genus of 13 species parasitising monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous hosts in the Alismataceae, Limnocharitaceae, Menyanthaceae, Nymphaeaceae and Potamogetonaceae. Although morphologically similar in appearance to Doassansia, it is not phylogenetically related to that genus (Bauer et al., 1977). Represented in Australia by one species.

Species in Australia
Doassansiopsis hydrophila