Conidiosporomyces Vánky


Conidiosporomyces ayresii (Berk.) Vánky


Sori in ovaries of Poaceae, scattered in the inflorescence, swollen, composed of an apically open sack-like membrane of host tissue and fungal origin, and a central semi-powdery mixture of spores, sterile cells and balls of conidia.

Columella absent.

Spores relatively thick-walled, pigmented, moderately large.

Spore germination resulting in aseptate basidia bearing an apical cluster of elongate basidiospores.

Sterile cells pale, almost colourless, smooth or ornamented, often collapsed.

Conidia thin-walled, mostly Y-shaped, hyaline, arranged in loose balls.

Germination of basidiospores and conidia resulting in hyphae on which both blastic conidia and ballistospores are formed.

Host-parasite interaction by intercellular hyphae; interaction apparatus lacking.

Septal pore a dolipore traversed by 2 membranous plates; pore caps lacking.


This genus contains three species, one of which occurs in Australia. The presence of conida, together with spores, in the sori is unique among the smut fungi.

Species in Australia
Conidiosporomyces ayresii