Bauerago Vánky


Bauerago abstrusa (Malençon) Vánky on Juncus gerardii Loisel.


Spores solitary, yellow to rusty brown-pigmented, lacking violet tints, produced in the seeds of monocotyledonous host plants (Cyperaceae and Juncaceae).

Spore mass powdery.

Peridium around the sori; sterile cells and columellae lacking between the spores.

Spore germination resulting in phragmobasidia.

Host-parasite interaction by intercellular hyphae lacking interactions with deposits of specific fungal vesicles.

Septal pore simple, lacking caps.

Anamorph sometimes present.


Bauerago includes eight species and occurs worldwide; two, including one endemic, have been found in Australia. The genus was was established to accommodate single-spored, Ustilago-like species with yellow or yellowish red spore masses and spores that parasitised host plants in the Cyperaceae, Juncaceae and Commelinaceae.

Species in Australia
Bauerago cyperi-lucidi
Bauerago vuyckii

Key based on host taxonomy
On CyperusBauerago cyperi-lucidi
On LuzulaBauerago vuyckii