Aurantiosporium M. Piepenbr., Vánky & Oberw.


Aurantiosporium subnitens (J. Schröt. & Henn.) M. Piepenbr., Vánky & Oberw. on Scleria melaIeuca Reichb.


Sori in parenchymatous galls on Cyperaceae, the intercellular spaces of the galls filled by groups of agglutinated spores.

Spore groups develop scattered among older spores without conspicuous gelatinous matrix.

Spores in irregular, readily separating groups, light coloured, of variabled shape and size, spore wall relatively thick, two-layered, outer layer of irregular thickness, spore wall with numerous layers (TEM).

Spore germination with a phragmobasidium bearing sessile basidiospores.

Etymology: The name of this genus refers to the orange (lat. aurantius) colour of the teliospores.

Species in Australia
Aurantiosporium subnitens