Anthracocystis Bref.


Anthracocystis destruens (Schltdl.) Bref on Panicum miliaceum L.


Sori replacing inflorescences, all of the racemes or localised in spikelets of an inflorescence. Peridium of vacuolated fungal cells surrounded by a single alyer of host cells. Columella composed of vascular bundles surrounded by host parenchyma permeated by inter- and intra-cellular hyphae, often separated into several columellae each around a vascular bundle surrounded by parenchyma, filiform, flexuous, flattended. Sporogenous hyphae coiled.

Spores compacted in spore balls, globose to subglobose, often outer spores datrker than inner spores.

Sterile cells few or absent.

Species in Australia
Anthracocystis abscondita
Anthracocystis andropogonis-aciculati
Anthracocystis anthistiriae
Anthracocystis anthracoideispora
Anthracocystis blakeana
Anthracocystis bothriochloae
Anthracocystis caledonica
Anthracocystis cenchri-elymoidis
Anthracocystis confusa
Anthracocystis crypta
Anthracocystis cymbopogonis-bombycini
Anthracocystis destruens
Anthracocystis enteromorpha
Anthracocystis eulaliae
Anthracocystis fallax
Anthracocystis glutinosa
Anthracocystis heteropogonicola
Anthracocystis horsfallii
Anthracocystis langdonii
Anthracocystis mixta
Anthracocystis mutabilis
Anthracocystis normanensis
Anthracocystis operculata
Anthracocystis ovaria
Anthracocystis panici-leucophaei
Anthracocystis paraneurachnis
Anthracocystis paspali-thunbergii
Anthracocystis sehimatis
Anthracocystis setariae
Anthracocystis themedae-arguentis
Anthracocystis tumefaciens
Anthracocystis ugandensis
Anthracocystis walkeri
Anthracocystis whiteochloae
Anthracocystis xerofasciculata

Key based on host taxonomy
On Brachiaria1
1.  Sori in the spikelets. Spores smooth; punctate to verruculoseAnthracocystis crypta
Sori in the ovaries. Spores serrulate; finely echinulateAnthracocystis ovaria
On CenchrusAnthracocystis cenchri-elymoidis
On Chrysopogon1
1.  Spores 5-6.5 µm longAnthracocystis andropogonis-aciculati
Spores larger2
2.  Spores dimorphic (i.e. different outer and inner spores)Anthracocystis fallax
Spores not dimorphicAnthracocystis tumefaciens
On Cymbopogon1
1.  Sori destroying the racemesAnthracocystis mutabilis
Sori destroying the spikeletsAnthracocystis cymbopogonis-bombycini
On CynodonAnthracocystis normanensis
On DichanthiumAnthracocystis bothriochloae
On Digitaria1
1.  Sori in leaves of sterile shootsAnthracocystis panici-leucophaei
Sori in the inflorescenceAnthracocystis ugandensis
On EriochloaAnthracocystis mixta
On EulaliaAnthracocystis eulaliae
On Heteropogon1
1.  Sori in the whole inflorescence2
Sori in ovaries or spikeletsAnthracocystis heteropogonicola
2.  Spores 12-18.5 µm longAnthracocystis glutinosa
Spores smallerAnthracocystis caledonica
On MnesitheaAnthracocystis operculata
On Panicum1
1.  Sori in the spikelets. Columella oneAnthracocystis crypta
Sori in the whole inflorescence. Columella numerousAnthracocystis destruens
On ParaneurachneAnthracocystis paraneurachnis
On PaspalidiumAnthracocystis horsfallii
On PaspalumAnthracocystis paspali-thunbergii
On Pseudoraphis1
1.  Sori in the florets or ovaries. Spores 9.5-25 µm longAnthracocystis anthracoideispora
Sori in the whole inflorescence. Spores smallerAnthracocytis confusa
On Schizachyrium1
1.  Spores 10.5-13.5 µm long, free surface coarsely verrucoseAnthracocystis abscondita
Spores 15-20(-21.5) µm long, free surface with blunt spinesAnthracocystis blakeana
On SehimaAnthracocystis sehimatis
On SetariaAnthracocystis setariae
On Themeda1
1.  Sori comprise the whole inflorescence2
Sori not so3
2.  Spores 5.5-8 µm longAnthracocystis enteromorpha
Spores (7-)8-11(-12) µm longAnthracocystis langdonii
3.  Sori restricted to the ovaries (awn present)Anthracocystis anthistiriae
Sori comprise the spikelets (awn present), or the whole raceme (awn absent)4
4.  Spore balls loose. Outer spores with coarse spinesAnthracocystis themedae-arguentis
Spore balls permanent. Outer spores punctate-verruculoseAnthracocystis walkeri
On Walwhalleya Anthracocystis crypta
On WhiteochloaAnthracocystis whiteochloae
On XerochloaAnthracocystis xerofasciculatum
On YakirraAnthracocystis crypta