Aizoago Vánky


Aizoago tetragoniae Vánky & R.G. Shivas on Tetragonia diptera F. Muell.


Sori on vegetative parts and fruits of plants in Aizoaceae, bullate, filled with a dark, semi-agglutinated mass of spores. Columella and sterile cells absent.

Spores solitary, pigmented (yellowish brown, no violet or reddish tint), ornamented and covered by a thick sheath.

Species in Australia
Aizoago tetragoniae
Aizoago tetragonioides

Key based on host taxonomy
On Tetragonia 1
1.  Spores sheath 3–11 µm thick, 17–28 muri on the spore circumference Aizoago tetragoniae
Spores sheath 1.5–4 µm thick, 28–36 muri on the spore circumference Aizoago tetragonioides