Rust Fungi of Southeast Asia

Uromycladium falcatarium

Spermogonia on stems galls, erumpent, up to 140 µm.

Spermatia globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal to obovoid, hyaline, 3.5-7 × 3-4 µm.

Telia on stems galls or witches' brooms, erumpent, reddish brown.

Teliospores globose to subglobose, apex rounded, in groups of three on pedicel, yellowish brown, 17-24 × 13-21 µm; wall 1.5-2.5 µm thick at sides, slightly thickened at apex, 2-3.5 µm thick at apex, striate, with 25-32 striae per spore, converging at an apical germ pore, persistent pedicel, septate and branched.

Specimens cited in description:
- BRIP 57477

Host family:
- Fabaceae

Host species:
- Falcataria moluccana


Doungsa-ard et al. (2014) determined Uromycladium falcatarium was a distinct species from Uromycladium tepperianum, and had speciated by a host jump from Acacia (tribe Acacieae) to Paraserianthes (tribe Ingeae).

Uromycladium falcatarium on Falcataria moluccana - BRIP 57477.
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Teliospores of Uromycladium falcatarium on Falcataria moluccana - BRIP 57477.
Scale bar = 10 µm.