Rust Fungi of Southeast Asia

Endoraecium sp.

Uredinia on both leaf surfaces, subepidermal, erumpent, round to ellipsoidal, up to 500 µm, yellow to yellowish brown.

Urediniospores ellipsoidal to obovoid, yellowish brown, 26-30 × 18-21 µm; wall 3-4 µm thick at sides, apex 4-6 µm thick, reticulate, with 5-6 equatorial germ pores.

Specimens cited in description:
- BRIP 57457

Host family:
- Fabaceae

Host species:
- Acacia mangium


McTaggart et al. (2015) determined that species of Endoraecium on Acacia were host specific and distinct from Endoraecium digitatum s. lat. A species of Endoraecium has not yet been described from A. mangium.

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Endoraecium sp. on Acacia mangium - BRIP 57457.
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Urediniospores of Endoraecium sp. on Acacia mangium - BRIP 57457.
Scale bar = 10 µm.